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Depending on your energy efficiency requirements, there are a variety of effective thermal insulation panels available from Green Energy Insulation that provide an increase in a building's thermal efficiency. Call our team in South Australia to find out more today!

Residential insulation

  1. Brick Veneer Insulation - Foilboard's slimline panel design for Brick Veneer Insulation ensures easy installation to the outer face of timber and steel frames, vastly increasing a building's energy efficiency.
  2. Cladded Wall Insulation - When fitted between the cladding and a building's framework, Foilboard for Cladded Walls is the ideal replacement for traditional bulk insulation.
  3. Cavity Brick Insulation - Foilboard insulation can be installed in the cavity between the two brick skins, making an immediate positive impact upon the R rating of a building.
  4. Underfloor Insulation - Foilboard insulation creates an energy efficient thermal barrier between the floor and the ground, and is especially suited to cool climate applications.
  5. Retrofit Underfloor Insulation - Foilboard's retrofit underfloor insulation's lightweight but rigid design ensures it is easily applied beneath the floor of existing homes.
  6. Cathedral Ceiling Insulation - Many architectural designed homes with cathedral ceilings in South Australia lose a great deal of thermal energy through the roof, and Foilboard insulation provides the best possible solution.

Commercial insulation

  1. Concrete Wall Insulation - All concrete walls must be insulated, and Foilboard insulation is the ideal solution.
  2. Suspended Floor Slab Insulation - When installed beneath suspended floor slabs Foilboard insulation restricts the loss of thermal energy through the floor.
  3. Factory Roof Insulation - Foilboard's insulation slimline design is perfectly suited to insulating metal ceilings typical to factories and sheds.
  4. Suspended Ceiling Insulation - Foilboard insulation's slimline design is perfectly suited to insulating ceilings typical to retail outlets and other commercial buildings.

It's truly amazing what a difference a cutting-edge product like Foilboard® Insulation Panel can make. Increased energy efficiency clearly demonstrates why Foilboard® is the smartest way to insulate your home.  Contact Green Energy Insulation in South Australia to find out more about this excellent product.

Energy efficiency products in South Australia Energy efficiency products in South Australia